OAKhouse Living Spaces

OAKhouse Living Spaces is an industry leader that covers all areas of the property world, from buying and developing to renting and managing your investments.

Our Story

Making Spaces Liveable

Based in Southeast, we are a company with a holistic approach to the property industry, using our expertise to make your property a hassle-free, hands-off investment. We live by the principle of treating our client’s assets as if they were our own, giving you the peace of mind that your investment is safe in our hands. Our loyalty to all our clients is important as we strive to ensure we exceed all your expectations. With the partnership of our sister companies, we can deliver high-quality property services to every client.

Serviced Accommodation

Our modernised and highly profitable strategy combines a hotel experience with a single let or House of Multiple Occupancies (HMO)…

Property Renovations and Developments

We have some of the most experienced contractors and tradesmen on our team, each striving to deliver high-quality property conversions and developments to our clients..

Full Property Management

At Oakhouse Living Spaces, we offer comprehensive property management of all single lets, HMOs, and block management.

Staff Relocation Services

We assist some of the largest national and multinational companies with relocations of their staff on a short-term or long-term basis…

Full Mediation Services and Prevention of Repossessions

Oakhouse Living Spaces offers cost-effective mediation services that resolve all types of property disputes…

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